Welcome to the Association for Research in the Voluntary and Community Sector (ARVAC) website.  

ARVAC was founded in 1978 as a network for researchers in the voluntary and community sector. It now provides information and training in research for and about the community sector.

We are a membership organisation and invite any researchers or practitioners from academia, the public sector and importantly, from the community sector to join. Membership is free.


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Tweets from ARVAC

The #OpenAccess book, ‘Unpaid Work in Nursing Homes: Flexible Boundaries,’ will be presented at the Transforming Care Book seminar. @TrCareNetwork

Read #OpenAccess:

Register here: (Mon, Dec 4, 3:30- 5:00 PM GMT)

Passionate about #mentalhealth? We're seeking people with lived experience to join thesis committees. Your unique perspective matters!
Engage in workshops, learn #coproduction values, and contribute to cutting-edge projects.💡

Find out more here:https://www.coproductioncollective.co.uk/news/learn-more-about-and-get-involved-in-our-mental-health-science-phd-students-research-projects

Really rich, thoughtful &informing discussion today at the @ARVAC AGM on : Community Engaged Research - how networking &shared thought leadership can help retain critical conversations. Look out for our sharing of ideas and practice @ClancyFirefox @sharonhutchings @JurgenGrotz

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