Membership is free and open to all.

ARVAC is a champion of community research.  Our members are drawn from charitable organisations, communities, practitioners, policy makers, academics, students and those who are committed to removing the elitism from research. We are committed to sharing knowledge and experience for the benefit of the sector. We are a national organisation.

In order to ensure membership is accessible to all, we have made it free. We ask any interested person or organisation to sign up.

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Why join ARVAC?

As a member of ARVAC you can play a role in our work in the sector.

You can attend meetings and events with speakers who are leaders in the field, engage in discussion and connect with others interested in this field.

As part of ARVAC’s network of researchers, practitioners and academics, we will email you to share news, updates and information about our events.

As a member you can:

  1. Stay in touch, keep informed and receive emails about our events, AGMs and a copy of our member’s biannual e-bulletin.
  2. Attend members’ meetings with speakers on community research and related topics, with opportunities for discussion and networking.
  3. Attend – and vote at – our annual conference.
  4. Contribute to the future development of ARVAC
  5. Join our directory of members and have access to the members’ area of our website

How do you become a member of ARVAC?

If you would like to become a member of ARVAC, please select the button below. We will then send you an email with some more information and ask you to confirm your membership.


What will we do with your data?

We promise to keep your personal information private and secure. We will only contact you in relation to sharing information amongst our network of members about ARVAC, our AGM and events. We will never pass your information onto another organisation. For more information about what data we collect on our members, why we collect it and how we use it, please see our privacy policy.

How do you cancel your membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Simply click the “Cancel ARVAC membership and unsubscribe” button at the bottom of our emails. We will then remove you from our list of members and will no longer contact you.