Our next event is a joint event from ARVAC and the Imagine Project on 5th June in Sheffield

ARVAC Workshop for community researchers: Arts methodologies for social cohesion: ways of knowing in community contexts

Ways of knowing that support everyday lived experiences that respect cultural perspectives and spaces are more important than ever.  In this talk, I will explore what the potential of arts methodologies are for community research. What does the arts do differently? What can community researchers learn from these ways of approaching research? And how do these methods surface different form of knowledge in communities? I will draw on the ‘Taking Yourselves Seriously’ project which investigates artistic methodologies for social cohesion in three sites: an adventure playground, a school and a community setting. In these sites we are developing collaborative projects that harness the arts to do different things including repositioning knowledge and surfacing hidden voices. I will then trace these back to artistic methods and show how they work in community contexts to make change happen.

Kate Pahl works at the School of Education, University of Sheffield where she does engaged projects with communities. She is the PI of the ‘Imagine’ project ( Her work is concerned with communities, culture and civic engagement.

Dr Katy Goldstraw works as a research assistant within the Institute of Public Policy and Professional Practice at Edge Hill University. Her PhD used participatory research methods to consider voluntary sector responses to austerity. From her participatory PhD research, she has co-produced a Sustainable Livelihoods Resource Book, which is a toolkit that VCS organisations can use to facilitate an assets based organisational evaluation.

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